Fingerless Glove Pattern


2 balls 50grm double knitting wool. 4 x 4 mm (uk8) needles. 2 stitch holders


Using set of 4 x 4mm (UK8)
needles cast on 48 sts. 16 sts on each of 3 needles.
1st round: *K2, P2, rep from * to end.
Rep this round until work meas 10cm (4in).
Cont in rounds of st st,every round K, until work meas 16.5cm (6.1/2in) from beg.
Next round: K across 16 sts of first needle and 8 sts of 2nd needle, mark this point with coloured thread as beg of round.
divide sts evenly on 3 needles.
Divide for thumb
Next round: K1, sl next 9 sts onto stitch holder, cast on 9sts, K to end.
Cont in st st until work meas 21.5cm (8.1/2 in ) from beg.
Divide for fingers
First finger
Next round: K across first 7 sts of round, sl all but last 7 sts onto stitch holder, cast on 2 sts, K rem 7 sts.
16sts. ** Work 12 rounds st st. Cast off **
Second Finger
Next Round: * K across next 6 sts from stitch holder , cast on 2 sts, K across last 6 sts of round from stitch holder , pick up and K2 sts from base of first finger.
16 sts. *. Work as first finger ** to **.
Third Finger
Next round: work as second finger from * to *. work 10 rounds st st. cast off.
Fourth finger
Next round: K rem 10 sts from stitch holder ,pick up and K2 sts from base of third finger.
12 sts. Work 8 rounds. Cast off.
Next round: K9 sts from stitch holder, pick up and K11 sts from opening.
Next round: K11,K2 tog, K2,K2tog,K3. Work 10 rounds in st st. Cast off.
work as right hand to division of Thumb.
Divided for Thumb
Next round: K to last 10sts, sl 9sts onto stitch holder,
cast on 9 sts, K1.
complete as given for right hand.
Finish off all loose ends securely.
See ball band for care instructions

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